Gemma Gene

Gemma Gené is an architect and visual artist from Barcelona, Spain, based in New York. She is an award-winning painter and published illustrator. Her work focuses on wrapped objects and foil balloons.

She relies on urban art as a way to make her work accessible. Part of her three-dimensional work shares her architectural language and is a study of volume and geometry using stone, concrete and 3D print. Check out her website.

Jason McGroarty

Jason McGroarty (Irish, b.1992) is a multi-award winning, self-taught photographic artist who is best known for his conceptual work based around the exploration of various characters and the physical landscapes that surround and define them.

Known for his minimalist approach to photography, McGroarty uses entry-level equipment, often building his own lighting, studio’s and props from unwanted materials. His professional website can be found here

Katie Levinson

Katie Levinson (b. 1985) is a mixed media artist playing with shape, color, pattern, and line. Her work is minimal, calling on the stark space and sparse objects to communicate in as little gesture as possible. She uses accessible materials - like paper, pins, and thread - to create depth and add an element of tangibility. The small scale, framed compositions makes her work feel familiar and intimate. Katie currently lives and work in New York City. You can see more of her work here